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Tag type: General

This tag applies when the character has a prosthetic hook replacing a lost hand. It may be a prop, or an actual replacement for the hand. Popularly associated with pirates due to Captain_Hook, which Sir_Crocodile directly parodies (parody).

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 1girl captain_grace chair hook_hand mahou_shoujo_ikusei_keikaku mahou_shoujo_ikusei_keikaku_limited monochrome sister_nanasi sitting solo 1girl a-ka bandanna black_boots black_gloves boots chibi closed_mouth disney disneyland full_body gloves hand_on_hip hat hock hook_hand juliet_sleeves long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer pirate pirate_hat puffy_sleeves recruiters_(disney) smile solo solo_focus wavy_hair 1girl 2boys 8-foot_joe absurdres apple apple_poison artist_name belt black_gloves black_hair boots bow bowtie brown_hair coat crossed_arms disney disneyland enerunaru eyes food formal fruit full_body gloves hand_on_hip hat highres hock hook_hand long_hair long_sleeves makeup multicolored_hair multiple_boys pirate pirate_hat purple_hair recruiters_(disney) shadow short_hair silver_hair simple_background smile streaked_hair suit wavy_hair white_background wide_sleeves  2boys animal_ears bear_ears blue_eyes brown_hair curtains eyepatch fangs felicia-val five_nights_at_freddy's fox_ears foxy_(fnaf) freddy_fazbear glitch hat highres hook_hand looking_at_viewer microphone mini_hat mini_top_hat multiple_boys open_mouth personification red_hair smile top_hat yellow_eyes artist_name blade bomb brutus_m3 bubble card card_game diamond fire flame flying foreshortening franciscoetchart full_body garada_k7 garada_k7_(robot) genocider_f9 glossam_x2 glowing glowing_eyes green_eyes highres holding holding_weapon hook_hand jetpack looking_at_viewer machinery mazinger_z mecha missile purple_eyes realistic robot rocket_launcher science_fiction signature skull spikes swimming torpedo watermark weapon 2girls bangs black_boots black_bow black_shoes blood blunt_bangs blurry boots bow breasts brown_hair capelet cleavage collarbone cuts depth_of_field disney disneyland frills from_above gloves gun hair_bow hands_on_hips hat high_heel_boots high_heels highres hock hook_hand injury leg_up legs_apart long_hair long_sleeves looking_at_viewer looking_away makeup manoko multiple_girls music musical_note open_mouth pants parted_lips pirate pirate_hat purple_pants quaver red_gloves red_pants sash shade shoes short_hair silver_hair simple_background singing small_breasts smoke_trail standing standing_on_one_leg striped veil_(disney) wavy_hair weapon wide_sleeves

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