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Tag type: General

A facial expression that denotes displeasure/dissatisfaction, or that one is greatly annoyed or grumpiness.

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Last updated: 4 years ago by Novea
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 >:( 1girl aqua_eyes aqua_hair blush bow frown full_body girls_frontline gun hair_bow holster long_hair looking_at_viewer micro_uzi micro_uzi_(girls_frontline) official_art shoes shorts sky_(freedom) sneakers solo spaghetti_strap stretch submachine_gun thighhighs transparent_background twintails very_long_hair weapon >:( 1girl arm_support bandage bangs bare_shoulders black_eyes black_hair black_legwear black_panties breasts closed_mouth hair_between_eyes hakusai_ponzu highleg highleg_panties katana knees_up long_hair looking_at_viewer original over_shoulder panties sarashi scarf short_shorts shorts sitting skindentation small_breasts solo striped striped_scarf sword thighhighs underwear weapon weapon_over_shoulder >:( 1girl annoyed areola_slip areolae armpits arms_behind_back awa bangs bikini blue_bow blue_eyes blue_ribbon blue_sky blush bow bow_bikini breasts closed_mouth copyright_name cowboy_shot day dressing from_side frown groin groin_tendon hair_between_eyes hair_ribbon half_updo highleg highleg_bikini highres keijo!!!!!!!! layered_bikini legs_together looking_at_viewer miyata_sayaka navel outdoors ribbon short_hair sideboob sky small_breasts solo standing string_bikini swimsuit tan tanline untied untied_bikini white_bikini white_hair  >:( 1girl artist_request assault_rifle black_gloves black_hair black_legwear black_shoes black_skirt blush cartridge closed_mouth collared_shirt crossed_arms earphones eyebrows eyebrows_visible_through_hair fingerless_gloves full_body girls_frontline gloves gun heterochromia holding holding_gun holding_weapon jacket knee_pads long_hair looking_at_viewer multicolored_hair nose official_art orange_eyes personification pleated_skirt rifle ro635 ro635_(girls_frontline) shirt shoes skirt solo standing streaked_hair striped striped_legwear sweater_vest thighhighs torn_clothes torn_jacket torn_thighhighs transparent_background weapon white_hair yellow_eyes yellow_jacket  >:( 1girl anger_vein black_gloves black_mittens blonde_hair blue_eyes blush bob_cut coat frown fur_trim girls_und_panzer gloves highres hole hole_in_mitten katyusha mittens red_scarf scarf short_hair solo untsue white_coat  >:( 1girl abe_ranzu assassin_of_black bandaged_arm black_gloves black_legwear black_panties cloak closed_mouth dual_wielding fate/apocrypha fate/grand_order fate_(series) gloves green_eyes highres holding holding_knife holding_weapon knife looking_at_viewer navel panties scar serious short_hair single_glove slit_pupils solo squatting stomach string_panties thighhighs underwear weapon white_hair

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