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shionsan Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Solo tag
Posted on: 01/05/17 03:20AM

1boy 1girl solo

There are a lot of pictures like that with at least two actors and solo tag. Does solo tag have some special meaning on gelbooru?

As for why I ask this question, I use "1boy solo" to filter out homo stuff.

lahdeedah Group: Unofficial Gardener's Guild - Total Posts: 456
Posted on: 01/05/17 03:40AM
Pictures like that image should have 'solo_focus' instead and others should just have 'solo' removed. A more effective way to filter out "homo stuff" is to put 'yaoi' and 'yuri' into your blacklist. Tagging questions should go into forum #1706.

Dirty_Harry Group: Member - Total Posts: 484
Posted on: 01/05/17 04:01AM
You can also use "-yaoi" to filter out yaoi. Incorrect tagging is a thing. Solo means single character and nothing else.

shionsan Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Posted on: 01/05/17 06:43AM
Already filtering yaoi tag. But there are lot of images with naked solo men I'd like to avoid, that don't have the yaoi tag, thus the "1boy solo rating:explicit", which happen to filter out "acceptable" pictures like the one above.

jedi1357 Group: Moderator - Total Posts: 2783
Posted on: 01/05/17 10:53AM
Definitely needs work. "solo_focus solo" has over 1760 posts even though the two are mutually exclusive.

shionsan Group: Member - Total Posts: 10
Posted on: 01/06/17 10:40AM

I wonder if it is so hard to understand tags meanings. This image has only one character, yet instead of solo the solo_focus tag was used. No place is safe from ******** people.

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